Google+ Business Profile Set-Up

Christian Oestlien, project lead for Google+ has requested that we all refrain from using the current Google+ features for business promotional purposes. He says in a Google+ status update on his profile that the business experience they are trying to create will not be available until later this year- well behind the public Google+ experience is under-way.

Apparently the Google+ business profile accounts will be much more advanced in terms of features and usability, plus ‘usefulness’ according to Oeslien. In the mean time he mentions it’s not worth setting up a Google+ user account to try and interact with the public, as their privacy team will shut down the profile accordingly.

Much like Facebook’s business profiles, you’ll be able to choose from a type of Google+ business account, including: business, organisation, place or team.

See the Google+ business account video right here on YouTube:


In the mean-time, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook notoriety continues to lead the way on the Google+ statistics page, having almost the same number of users as the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin combined.

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