Most Popular Social Plug-ins From an SEO perspective

On-site social plug-ins have always been just that; plug-ins to share content socially through the leading networks. But with the launch and rapid rise of Google+, the addition of sharing options now affects SEO.

Recent results published by US based digital expert Darren Herman reveal some surprising figures for the current popularity of social buttons. Despite being the newcomer from the list, Google’s new network has leaped ahead of the familiar trio of Facebook, Twitter and the AddThis feature:

Social Plug-Ins: Google +1 (45%), Facebook (40%), Twitter (15%), AddThis (15%)

These percentages are reportedly from e-commerce type websites. The reason for so many choosing to have the Google +1 button present on their website is the fact that it’s the only one which is linked directly to search results pages (SERP’s). Webmasters know that by employing the use of, and encouraging interaction with the +1 link means potentially more organic traffic.

Being the only SEO friendly social plug-in is the distinct advantage that the search giant has over Facebook, which continues to act solely as a way of sharing pages with friends who most likely are not looking to buy. Google+ SEO is a much more targeted way of attracting visitors by increasing visibility for those who are logged in when using the search engine.

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